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Our Services Includes:

1. Art Works Such As Statue, Fountain, Bust, Portraits, Plaques, Wall  Hanging Concrete    Calligraphy, Survinil Etc.

2. Computer Repairs, Upgrading and Servicing

3. General IT AND ART Consultations

4.I.C.T. & ART Book  Publications

5.Database System Designing & Web/Blog Site Designing 

6. Computer Center Setups

7. Capacity Development and Training for Staffs

8. Private/Public Sector Partnership

 9. Computer Networking

10. I.C.T. for Democracy and e-governace


Capacity Development could mean different things to different people. To us at NMC, Capacity Development is an ongoing process by which people and systems, operating within dynamic contexts, enhance their abilities to develop and implement strategies in pursuit of their objectives for increased performance in a sustainable way.                                                            Globalization and the accompanying intensification of competitive pressures are rapidly changing the context in which business, be it public or private, is conducted across the globe. The business sector in Ghana, both public and private must respond to globalisation by boosting their competitiveness. Developments within the West African sub-region; issues pertaining to regional integration and governments’ quest to make Ghana the gateway to the sub-region require a drastic and sustainable change in our work ethics; the very way we approach and conduct business.

 For Ghana to achieve its Vision 2020 goal of creating a stable macroeconomic environment that will   foster strong economic growth and a broad-based improvement of living standards, there is the need to develop the capacity of its institutions and people to enable them understand the complex pressures that confront them and equip them with the skills and tools required to make the right development choices. 

 In particular businesses (including owners, managers, and employees) ought to have the expertise to understand the potential and limits of their environment; the skill and knowledge to appreciate the external pressures impacting their environment; and the capacity – scientific, technological, organizational, and institutional - to enable them execute complex policy choices.

We recognize that the need for capacity building especially in a developing country such as Ghana is complex and dynamic. Institutions vary widely in size, resource endowment, systems, skills, knowledge and orientation, and so require bespoke solutions that fully acknowledge these variations.  We take great care in developing our Capacity Development & Training Programmes














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